Grave Digger - Clash of the Gods CÓD: 12FEC8

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Heavy Metal / Duplo

CD 1: Clash of The Gods
1. Charon (Fährmann des Todes)
2. God of Terror
3. Hell Dog
4. Medusa
5. Clash of the Gods
6. Death Angel and the Grave Digger
7. Walls of Sorrow
8. Call of the Sirens
9. Warriors Revenge
10. ...With the Wind
11. Home at Last

Bonus :
12. Saints of the Broken Souls
13. Home at Last (Zurück Nach Haus) (German Version)

CD 2:
Home at Last
1. Home at Last
2. Rage of the Savage Beast
3. Metal Will Never Die
4. Ballad of a Hangman (Live version)
5. Excalibur (Live version)
6. Heavy Metal Breakdown (Live version)

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